Agri-food industry: 2015 as a record year for Italy

The Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina, is satisfied with the positive balance for the Italian agri-food sector for the year 2015 anticipating that the new year will focus Made in Italy and Green operations.

“We ended the year in line with the objective we set ourselves for 2020 to reach 50 billion agri-food exports,” said the Minister. He continues: “An incredible year in markets like the US, where we have made remarkable growth performance, we have increased by 40%, doing a tremendous job with the deputy and minister Carlo Calenda”.

An accelerator of primary importance was the Expo, hosted in Milan: “It allowed us to travel as a united team of public and private activities: ministries, associations, regions, enterprises, they all worked together.” And results will be seen also in the just started 2016, continued Martina, with an agenda of important foreign missions in different areas of the global market in particular referring to UAE, China and India.

Italy boasts of cultivating the best Green agriculture of Europe, with the lowest rate of emissions per product, adds the minister, Italy is the most organic country in Europe with 50,000 organic companies and bio enterprises.

The strengths of Italian agriculture are so many in number and valid, ranging from a Green leadership in the environmental impact, to industries of transformation, to the typical geographical areas.

The objective of “the game” to win outside the European context is to inform all countries about the real quality of Italian food. Continues Minister Maurizio Martina, “We must not take for granted that consumers overseas, in the US or China don’t really know if a food product is the typical Made in Italy product or just a fake. It is fundamental to educate and inform foreign people to distinguish what is truly Italian or what is not. ” Consumers have to be helped to recognize the quality and truth of the origin of any kind of purchase.

Fight against fake Made in Italy is therefore the power leverage on which each country has to act, to prevent counterfeiting and promote Italian quality that is synonymous of excellence.

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