Good news from the Italian export trade of toys

Made in Italy toys’ trade is increasing year by year. An unexpected recovery has bee obtained thanks to a small but fierce army of 700 Italian companies, 92.3% of which are of small size (less than 20 employees), which is fighting against the invasion of products that are made in the Far East or especially in China.

Overall, reminiscent of the Confartigianato Research Office, the Italian toys manufacturers count just under 6,000 employees, an annual turnover of about 900 million euro and an export production of 47%  If we think abou Europe Italian toys reach. 76.1% of the entire European production: France in the lead (for a value of 68.3 million), at a distance followed by Belgium (58.4 million) and from Germany (51.2 million), 10.2% (47 million) flies in the Americas, 4.4% goes to Asia (20.2 million) and 9.3% (42.9 million) in the rest of the world.

In particular Confartigianato underlines that in the US our export sector has registered between 2014 and 2015, a 27.8% of increase. But also in China our toys are beginning to be appreciated: always in 2015 sales have almost quadrupled, reaching into the unit value of EUR 3.5 million.

The regions where the greatest concentration of toy manufacturers are Lombardy (183 companies), Emilia Romagna (83) Veneto (74) Piemonte (73) and Tuscany (54). At the top of the ranking of the provinces with the highest production specialization we find Milan, followed by Varese, Sassari, Como and Lodi. Together with the good performance of our exports, Confartigianato has detected a slowdown in imports of international toys from Asia.

In any case, it is emphasized, as China continues to be at the top of the countries from which we import toys, decorations and objects for festivities (such as Christmas, Easter and Carnival). In particular, between 2014 and 2015 the most purchased toys were: tricycles, scooters, pedal cars, teddy bears, dolls and video games.

Nowadays Confartigianato, beyond the origin of the toy, recommended to pay attention to the safety of products purchased, aboveall in cheap supermarkets. Pay attention to the objects whose labels must always indicate the origin and composition of the product, the instructions for use and compliance with European safety standards.

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