Made in Italy reaches record levels in the export field

Italian exports snaps forward with a + 7%. In a single month for the first time in the history of the store Made in Italy in foreign markets the threshold exceeded of 40 billion euros, leaving behind Germany and France. It is a historical record that touched Italy in September 2015 thanks to the boom in the US and Chinese consistent accounts.

Washington is the capital of the Italian shopping, with purchases in excess of 25%: this is the economical translation to a good 10% from the US on the global trend of Italian exports. In seven months the US market committed more than 5 billions euros, mostly arising from the automobile sector. This is a positive data from Istat, which recorded well 4,5 billions euros from last year. Also China remained a stable buyer of Made in Italy goods, with a + 4% over the last year.

Italian wood and furniture hauling imports are the most requested products by the two economic giants USA and China and also the internal market is quite good in this area. Roberto Snaidero, President of Salone del Mobile Milano, says that “if export will remain at these averages, we will have an increase of 100 million euros.” The expectations are so prosperous by the statistics that Italy will expect a good 40% of internal growth for the country. Italian exports had great increase also in Belgium and Eastern countries (in particular Russia and Bulgaria), mainly in the pharmaceutical sector and in Spain and Germany in particular in the Food&Beverage field. Britain, too, especially on the wood and furniture/architectural sectors imports recorded an increase of  about 20%, followed by Spain, with a 18%.

To make a picture on the main Italian sectors that will increase in the next five years there are machinery and engineering sectors with 7 billion euros; the textile and apparel follow with 5% of increase in metal products and transport equipment . Rubber and plastics, together with chemical substances and pharmaceutical products are growing fastly and are getting into a good top ten also. Italy is known abroad as the main country in terms of quality and variety food production. Made in Italy food products are in demand all over the world and, although exports still remain second to those of Germany and France, our country has got excellent chances in the next few years. Italy will have to bet on a big collaboration between political parties in order to develop the economical fragmentation: it will have to equip itself with adequate financial means and defend itself from negative attempts and competitors’ attacks. This is the most important information revealed by statistical studies of Intesa San Paolo and KPMG. There are still resources, strengthened by positive data, which are sensitive data.

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