SIGEP: the 37th edition of the International Ice Cream, Confectionery and Bakery fair

Sigep is the first International Ice Cream, Confectionery and Bakey fair in Italy: RiminiFiera expects more than 180,000 industry professionals from countries all over the world, planning the seventh edition of the Gelato World Cup, in which 14 teams will compete from every continent. A lot of events and contests: the Pastry Arena and The Pastry Queen, in which ten contestants will try to win the Crown of pastry world, will take place in the fair. While for the national award Pastry Chef of Italy, ten other competitors will inspire the art of Ikebana (“living flowers”).

Talking about cake design, also the fifth edition of the Italian Pastry Art Cup will take place with an audience of both adults and children. The great art of baking and cooking show will be held in The City Bread, an area devoted to organic production craft and innovation food.

Jazz music will be the inspiration source of the International  Chocolate Competition, where the Maitres Chocolatiers from Italy, Austria, France, Brazil, India and Japan will explore their creativity to win the second edition of The Star of Chocolate.

EGO International Group, being the leading outsourcing company in the field of export, cannot  miss an event of global significance as Sigep: during the days of the event EGO International export managers will follow a busy schedule full of appointments with relevant foreign buyers coming from Europe, Asia and USA. The food sector is a key lever in the Italian export  field : with the help of experienced and qualified professionals  it can be a significant opportunity for all food companies who wish to expand  their business abroad.

During the fair, RHEX will host Food Factor with a huge number of show cooking and workshops with popular chefs like Chef Agostino Iacobucci, Emanuela Tommolini, Massimiliano Mascia, Gege Mangano, Ilario Vinciguerra, Mattia Borroni, Simone Ciccotti, Marco and Stefano Vegliò Broccoli.

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