What is EXPO and which is the real origin of the international Event?

Since the first World Expo in London in 1851, last Exposition in Milan, began a few months ago and it has been quickly a big success. Expo may well be the voice of small and big revolutions that improve our daily lives. A flow of innovation that is often underestimated, forgetting that – for example – an opportunity linked to the Universal Exhibition in London in mid-nineteenth century, it was an opportunity to reveal the world the capabilities of vulcanized rubber (from which then will be born modern tires), or those of the cannon steel, whose reach is nowadays double in comparaison with the existing ones.

The list of innovations presented to the Expo is very long. Four years later, during the Paris exposition of 1855, there were presented the Singer sewing machines, lawn mowers, the first petroleum-powered vehicle, the first talking doll and the first domestic washing machine. Still in Paris, but in 1867, there were instead shown to the world the first elevators, the machine production of carbonated beverages and the diving suit.The Expo in Philadelphia, in 1876, was instead carrying Bell’s telephone and Alva Edison’s telegraph, the first typewriter and Heinz Ketchup, which still enriches many of our handouts.

Not enough? The Expo in 1889 (still in Paris, famous for the construction of the Eiffel Tower), was an amazing event: visitors were astonished watching for the first time the Lumiere brothers’ cinema. And again, in Chicago, in 1933, it was unveiled the first amusement park (a sort of prelude to what was to become Disneyland), while in 1937, in Paris, Picasso came to paint Guernica for the Spanish Pavilion. In 1958, in Brussels, the USSR showed Sputnik, while in 1970, the World Exposition in Osaka, was shown the first mobile phones and the first high-speed train, which can exceed 500 kilometers per hour. In times closer to us, in the previous exhibition in Shanghai in 2010, the themes are numerous: from smart city to environmentally friendly innovations to the new urban development.

And Italy? In Milan it is not the first time that the event has been organized: in the previous edition, dating from 1906, the Expo inaugurated one of the most important Italian infrastructure, the Simplon tunnel, unable to connect with a train the capital Lombardy and Paris. It is known that Italy at Expo 2015 will be protagonist of other innovations to revolutionize our daily lives, since shortly. What seems certain is that the opportunities for Italian companies which are interested in the themes of innovation and international opportunities will be certain: for this reason the EGO International Group staff will be present at the event both as exhibitor and guest visitor.

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